Sarah Grosvenor

Welcome to the website of Sarah Grosvenor,
Bookbinder and specialist in quality antique book restoration, the repair of old books, albums and boxes.  I work with both cloth and fine leather bindings.  All work can be personalised with lettering and initialling.  I produce fine leather bindings, can repair damaged items, and can create unique design bindings for special occasions.

Since qualifying at Guildford College in 1993, I have worked across a range of bookbinding projects for private clients in Surrey and further afield, and corporate clients in London.

I am now based in Cheltenham. Please phone me before coming round as I am not always in and I can give you more detailed instructions as to how to find me.  My new address is:-

Church Road,
GL53 0QH
01242 465950

If you wish to see a video of me repairing a book please cut and paste the following:-
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For those interested in the art of bookbinding the Internet offers many other useful bookbinding sites. Materials and equipment for bookbinders are also available online from a range of reputable suppliers