Restoration intends to return the book as nearly as possible to its original condition. If a book needs resewing then I will use the original sewing stations and copy the original style as closely as possible.

Generally I will try to retain as much of the character of the book as possible, to bring it as close to its original condition. For example, if the original spine lettering is in place it can often be restored to its former glory with careful dyeing and treatment.


Re-backing is required when the spine of a book, a board or a cover becomes detached. Examples of how covers and boards are re-worked can be seen alongside. This work is not restricted to valuable books but may also be necessary for old reference works or heavily used titles.

Different forms of adhesive are used for different problems. For much internal repair work I will use a flour and water paste. I will use animal glue on the spines of old books that warrant it. Both of these adhesives are reversible.

New Work

I can offer a range of bindings to suit different jobs and different budgets. For example, a standard A4 cloth binding with title and author lettered on spine and/or the front cover.

For special occasions a presentation volume may be required. I will discuss the project with the client before realising the agreed format. The result can be individually tailored using a range of materials including paper, astroturf, silk, acetate, leather or any other workable material the customer requires.


I have always loved miniature books.  Here is a selection of miniature and small books I have made.

For collectors of very small books I can offer imaginative and stylish designs.  These might include presentation volumes with boxes or slipcases for christenings, or gifts for special occasions.  These books can be blank, printed with favourite writings or handwritten.